Christmas Woodworking Gift Guide

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Using a Ramia Workbench

Buying the perfect gift for a loved one is hard.

When they love woodworking it's almost impossible, especially if woodworking isn't your thing.

With thousands of woodworking gifts to choose from, where do you start?

Well, here's the short version so you can plan, figure out what you want to spend then pick out something nice.

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1. Workbench - $600 to $2452

Ramia Premium Superb Workbench

2. Hand plane - $25 to $416

Kunz #6plus fore plane

3. Dovetail Jig - $159 to $469

The Keller 1500 Journeyman 15 inch dovetail system

4. Chisel set in a wooden box - $81 to $375

Set of Premium Chisels by Two Cherries

5. Apron - $55 to $205

Two Cherries Woodworking Apron

6. Full set of Forstner Bits in a wooden box - $160 to $265

Set of Forstner Bits in a wooden box

7. Full set of Card Scrapers - $27.50 to $70

Full set of Card Scrapers with a burnisher

8. Carving tool set in a wooden box - $45.50 to $750

Carving tool set in a wooden presentation box

9. Rosewood, mortise gauge - $65 to $118

Rosewood screw adjustable mortise gauge

10. Rosewood sliding T-Bevel gauge - $34.50 to $43

Rosewood Sliding t-bevel gauge


Want to know more about these items with a few other options, read on.. Oh and make sure your loved one doesn't already have one of course.

​Here we go - Ready?


Literally the first thing you'd have done back in the day. Day one, task one in your new job as a carpenters apprentice.

"There's a stack of English Beech wood... Make your workbench".


One - Designing and building a workbench teaches you a bunch of necessary skills. You get to serve a portion of your apprenticeship in that one task.

Two - The workbench isnt furniture... It's the tool that enables a woodworker to use the rest of his tools.

With it, you can hold any workpiece on any of it's 3 axis and at a comfortable height.

Even a basic carpenters workbench will be a huge game changer for someone with a passion for woodworking.

Thankfully, we have a bunch of workbenches available ranging from starter to advanced so there's something there for any budget.


The Advanced 1500 - A great starter workbench

Advanced 1500 Starter workbench


The Premium Plus workbench - When you want it all and you have the space

The Premium Plus Workbench from Ramia
If you ask people on a high street to name a woodworking tool, they'd say a handplane. It's the most recognisable woodworking tool out there and if your loved one doesn't have one, it's a no brainer.
The aim of the game here is generally to flatten and smooth large areas (table tops for example) or give you a straight edge on a workpiece.
There are avid collectors out there who buy them like jewelry, never to be used, just admired in a case. Not kidding!
So which one do you buy? If you're on a budget and want some bang for your buck the A4 smoothing plane from Axminster tools has a ton of street cred and it's only $60 so you can't go wrong. get the A4 smoother first, then the A5 Jack then the A6 Fore plane. All 3 and you're a serious woodworker.
The A4 smoothing plane by Axminster
The A5 Jack plane by Axminster for Christmas 2022
The A6 Fore plane by Axminster for Christmas 2022
If you're really pushing the boat out, you should check out our range of planes from Kunz, a German premium plane manufacturer that's kind of the new kid on the block getting a ton of attention in the woodworking community right now.
These things are a work of art and very capable of anything you could ask of them. Get the #4 plus model first, then the #5 plus then the #6 plus. The holy grail is to own all 3 and you're a baller at that point.
The Kunz #4 plus smoothing plane for Christmas 2022
The Kunz #5 plus jack plane for Christmas 2022
The Kunz #6 plus Fore plane for Christmas 2022
Wow... How to hit every sweet spot in one neat package. The Keller dovetail system is very fast and easy to use (good), It's more affordable than most other systems out there (OK), and now that it's been out there for years, it's got serious cred in the woodworking community (Nice).
Contractors love it because it's immensely portable, light, fast and reliable for high yield production work. Carpenters and furniture makers love it because they don't have to read the manual every time to refresh themselves on how to use it when they just want to whip up a quick drawer box.
So what does it do? This...
Half blind dovetail joint
A dovetail jig is a way to quickly and easily create beautify dovetail joinery using nothing more than a powered router and an assortment of accessories that come with the kit.
Depending on your budget, you have 5 options:
The Keller 1500 Journeyman dovetail system for Christmas 2022
The Keller 1601 professional dovetail system for Christmas 2022
The Keller 2200 journeyman dovetail system for Christmas 2022
The Keller 2401 professional dovetail system for Christmas 2022
The Keller 3600 professional dovetail system for Christmas 2022





Chisel set in a wooden box


A good set of chisels is pretty much the first tool set any woodworker buys when he's starting out. You just need one, and the bigger the set the more you get. Our bevel edge chisels are a great choice because they are made by one of the most well known and respected brands in the market 'Two Cherries'. Also a set of beve elde chisels is such an all rounder. You can use them for almost anything.


A CARPENTERS APRON - The ultimate time saver


Whether you're in a big open space or a 2 car garage wood shop, at some point, you'll need a hand tool and you'll have to walk somewhere to get it. Do that 50 times during a heavy work day. You wasted hours and you're way more tired than you would have been otherwise.

The humble carpenters Apron, has pockets designed to hold all your most regularly used woodworking tools (Pencils, combination square, block plane, tape measure, angle gauge, utility knife, scraper, punch... and many more).

Once you train your brain to automatically reach for an apron pocket rather than the workbench when you're done with a tool, you'll always have it there the split second you need it and it won't be in your way ever again. What's more, you'll spend zero time searching for yet another pencil... That's huge!

We have 2 options. The Ferrari and the Ford.

The super fancy option is by world renowned tool maker 'Two Cherries'. This thing is amazing, it's like wearing a super comfy flack jacket. By that I mean, it protects your body from anything a machine could spit out at you. It has ample pockets for storage and it's super easy to put on and take off.



The 'Two Cherries' Carpenters Apron for Christmas 2022


Next we have the Apron of the people... Sure it won't protect you much from a table saw kickback, but it has a bunch of pockets and it's also super comfortable. It just isn't quite as hard wearing as the 'Two Cherries' apron. That said, you can't complain at the price at just $55 vs the $205 price tag for the 'Two Cherries' Apron. Don't get me wrong, believe it or not they are both appropriately priced for what you get so it's just a matter of taste really.


The 'Wood Is Good' Apron for Christmas 2022





Forstner bit set


When you need to drill a perfectly round hole with a perfectly flat base, there's one drilling accessory to turn to. The Forstner Bit. We have hundreds of different sizes and types available. CLICK HERE for details.





Card Scraper & Burnisher set


Ask any woodworker or carpenter and they'll tell you how useful a card scraper is. Once properly sharpened, they'll reward you with beautiful wood shavings and a finish ready surface without sanding for hours. They also enable you to clean up a glue line right up to a perpendicular surface. A great gift idea for the woodworker with everything.



A set of Carving Tools in a wooden box


You're not a well rounded carpenter until you have a comprehensive set of carving tools. Open up another dimension to your woodworking with a boxed set of all the most important carving tools you need.

 Rosewood Marking Gauge

Here we have 2 options and we've listed these as what to buy when you think he  or she has everything.


What do they do?

Well when you need to create one of the most well known and popular joints between two pieces of wood (the mortise and tenon joint).

This is traditionally, the tool you use to mark out where to remove the wood to create that joint. It's kind of a big deal!

These are the super fancy options, we have others that are more budget friendly but they won't get the same wow factor on Christmas morning.


The Rosewood Sliding Mortise Gauge


Rosewood Sliding Mortise Gauge for Christmas 2022


The Rosewood Screw Adjustable Mortise Gauge


Rosewood Screw Adjustable Mortise Gauge for Christmas 2022


Finally, we have the Rosewood Sliding t-bevel gauge

Used to carefully and precisely mark an angle on a workpiece, these bevel gauges are the mark of a proud craftsman. Beautiful to look at and built to last.


The 7.5 inch Rosewood Sliding T-Bevel Gauge


7.5 inch Rosewood Sliding T-Bevel Gauge for Christmas 2022


The 9 inch Rosewood Sliding T-Bevel Gauge


9 inch Rosewood Sliding T-Bevel Gauge for Christmas 2022


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