A one day build dining table made from home center 2 by 4's

Posted by Mark Newton on

A trip to Washington to visit with some of the nicest people we know and their beautiful daughter. Whilst we were there I learned that they were contemplating a DIY project from the Anna White website. I like those kinds of projects so I asked if I could build it for them. What they wanted was a farmhouse dining table that you can make from simple home store 2 by 4's and 2 by 8's. All I had was a compound mitre saw, a drill/driver, a hammer, a pencil and a fold away table. See what you think. Contact me at newtonwoodcraft@gmail.com if you'd like the free plans.
Farmhouse table step-1Farmhouse table step-2Farmhouse table step-3Farmhouse table step-4Farmhouse table step-5Farmhouse dining room table end viewFarmhouse dining room table side view